Senator Tester to Chair Congressional Fire Services Caucus in the 118th Congress

The Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) is pleased to announce that Senator Jon Tester of Montana will serve as the chair of the Congressional Fire Services Caucus for the 118th Congress. Since joining the Senate in 2007, Senator Tester has been a fierce advocate for the fire and emergency services in Montana and across the country. In 2018, Senator Tester was recognized by CFSI as its Legislator of the Year due to his work and dedication.

“During his time in Congress, Senator Tester has been a strong supporter of the fire and emergency services, working in the spirit of bipartisanship to move forward on initiatives that help our fire and EMS personnel throughout the nation. He has been instrumental in legislation to protect firefighter health and safety, ensure that fire service grants remain authorized and funded, address issues pertaining to wildfire, and much more,” said Bill Webb, Executive Director of the Congressional Fire Services Institute. “CFSI looks forward to continuing working with Senator Tester in the 118th Congress to strengthen the caucus and ensure that Congress is aware of the needs and challenges of America’s fire and emergency services.”

“Too many people in Washington don’t know what a hard day’s work looks like and don’t understand the challenges Montana’s firefighters face every single day,” said Senator Tester. “I am proud to be their voice in Congress, and look forward to working with Republicans and Democrats to make sure our brave firefighters have what they need to keep our communities safe.”

Formed in 1987, the Congressional Fire Services Caucus was established to educate members of Congress about the work of the fire and emergency services, which goes far beyond simply fighting fires. Today, America’s fire and emergency services respond to calls pertaining to fires, medical incidents, hazardous materials incidents, natural disasters, and much more. The Fire Caucus was created to be a bipartisan group where Republicans and Democrats could work together to learn about our nation’s fire and emergency services, improve the readiness of local first responders, and jointly recognize their valor and dedication. A current list of Fire Caucus members can be found on CFSI’s website.