Paul S. Sarbanes Fire Service Safety Leadership Award — Past Recipients

The Senator Paul S. Sarbanes Fire Service Safety Leadership Award is co-sponsored by the Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) with corporate support from State Farm Insurance and VFIS.

Senator Sarbanes retired in 2006 following a 36-year distinguished career on Capitol Hill. For 12 years, he served as a co-chair of the Congressional Fire Services Caucus, providing leadership and support on a broad range of public safety issues.  In 1992, before the establishment of the Fire Caucus, he introduced the legislation that created the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. For the next 14 years, he was the Foundation’s staunchest supporter in Congress, ensuring that the Foundation and its beneficiaries had a voice on Capitol Hill.

The Sarbanes award recognizes organizations that embody the critical goal shared by CFSI and NFFF: to ensure that EVERYONE GOES HOME at the end of every call. The actions and achievements of the recipients address at least one of the 16 Life Safety Initiatives developed by the American fire service during the 2004 National Fire Service Safety Summitt and subsequent summits hosted by the NFFF.

2020 Award Recipient – Clayton (DE) Fire Company, Prince George’s County (MD) Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, and Sioux Falls (SD) Fire Rescue

The Congressional Fire Services Institute and National Fallen Firefighters Foundation have selected the Clayton (DE) Fire Company, Prince George’s County (MD) Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, and Sioux Falls (SD) Fire Rescue as the recipients of the 2020 Senator Paul S. Sarbanes Fire Service Safety Leadership Award.

Clayton Fire Company, an all-volunteer department, received the award for implementing a cancer prevention and awareness program. As part of the program, the department installed a new shower during a recent station installation and replaced its standard washer and dryer with machines designed specifically for turnout gear.  The department has also issued a second hood to each member and has developed policies for wearing hoods and cleaning gear.  In addition, it is currently working with a local hospital to develop a cancer education and screening program for its members.

The Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services Department is being honored for its advancements in firefighter rehabilitation at incidents and during training.  In 2017, the department purchased a new Rehab Unit.  Staffed 24/7, the unit provides a climate-controlled area for multiple personnel to recover, receive medical assessments, go through a decontamination process before returning to work.  The department also purchased a Rehab Support Unit that is dispatched with the Rehab Unit to provide drinks, snacks, and other necessary food to replenish vital nutrients needed to resume their physical activities.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue is a career department that developed its own 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Video Project.  The project addresses awareness and necessary changes sought within the department to shift the cultural behaviors and mindset of its members.  Department personnel have widely embraced the messages in the videos as have firefighters in other departments throughout the state.  The success of the program is partly attributed to the collaboration between department personnel, the city of Sioux Falls, and a local cable channel.

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