CFSI/Masimo Excellence in Fire Service-Based EMS Award Program

Call for Nominations

Prehospital 9-1-1 emergency response is one of the essential public safety functions provided by the United States fire service in support of community health, security and prosperity. Fire service-based emergency medical services (EMS) systems are strategically positioned to deliver time-critical response and effective patient care. Fire service-based EMS provides this pivotal public safety service while also emphasizing responder safety, competent and compassionate workers, and cost-effective operations.


Purpose of the Award

The Excellence in Fire Service-Based EMS Award Program was established in 2010 to recognize volunteer, career and combination fire departments for excellence in the delivery of emergency medical services. The award program is co-sponsored by CFSI and Masimo, a global medical-device technology company that develops and manufactures innovative noninvasive patient monitoring devices. Fire departments across the country are developing new and innovative approaches to deliver emergency medical care. Both CFSI and Masimo want to recognize these departments and share their innovations with other departments that are seeking new solutions of their own for delivering emergency medical services.

Award Eligibility

  • The award is presented to fire departments — Individuals are not eligible for this award.
  • A fire department must have implemented a unique practice that enhances the delivery of EMS in the community. The practice can involve partnerships with local hospitals and care facilities, law enforcement, research institutions, businesses, schools, civic organizations, and other community programs and organizations.
  • The practice should have resulted in a positive impact on firefighter and paramedic safety, resource deployment, and/or the quality, effectiveness or efficiency of fire service-based EMS.
  • A department can nominate itself.

Award Presentation

  • Recipients of the CFSI/Masimo Excellence in Fire Service-Based EMS Award will be honored at the 34th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner held in Washington, DC on April 25, 2024.
  • CFSI will pay reasonable expenses for one representative of the recipient department to attend the dinner. These expenses include transportation, overnight accommodations for a maximum of two nights and seating at the Dinner. All other costs will be the responsibility of the recipient.  If available, a limited number of additional complimentary seating will be provided to other department representatives as well as discount seating.
  • The award presentation will take place during the dinner program. The presentation will include a brief video highlighting the achievements of the award winner. CFSI will ask the recipient to provide video or digital images of the fire department personnel performing their work that can be used in the award presentation video.
  • CFSI and Masimo will also offer to conduct a local award presentation in the recipient’s community. The event will provide an opportunity to acknowledge local elected leaders and other stakeholders for their support of the innovation.

Award Submission Deadline: January 19, 2024

Click here for a compendium of programs implemented by our award recipients.


Past Recipients

2023 – Colorado Springs Fire Department
2022 – Loudon County (VA) Fire and Rescue System and Fairfax County (VA)  Fire Rescue Department
2022 – South Metro Fire District
2021 – Thornton (CO) Fire Department
2020 – Chesterfield (VA) Fire and Emergency Medical Services and San Antonio Fire Department
2019 – Phoenix Fire Department and Winona (OH) Fire Department
2018 – Alpena (MI) Fire Department and Illini Emergency Medical Services
2017 – Montgomery County (MD) Fire and Rescue Service and Orange County (FL) Fire and Rescue Department
2016 –  Kittitas Valley (WA) Fire and Rescue
2016 – Caribou (ME) Fire and Ambulance Department, County of Henrico (VA Division of Fire, and Scottsdale (AZ) Fire Department

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