Congressional Fire Services Caucus

Caucus History and Mission

When was the caucus founded?

The Congressional Fire Services Caucus was founded by former Congressman Curt Weldon in 1987. Today, it is one of the largest caucuses in Congress.

What is the mission of the caucus?

The Caucus’s mission is to educate all members of Congress on the role and needs of the fire and emergency services. The caucus aims to bring together Republicans and Democrats in support of initiatives that benefit all first responders.

Becoming a member does not require taking positions on legislation; rather Caucus members are asked to pledge support in a way that best benefits fire departments in their respective Congressional Districts.

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Are my members of Congress in the Caucus?

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Is your senator or representative not on the list? Ask them to join.

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How does the chairmanship rotate?

To preserve the bipartisan spirit of the Caucus, the chairmanship rotates every two years between Republican and Democratic members.

Previous chairmen include Senator Joseph Biden (DE), Senator John McCain (AZ), Senator Paul Sarbanes (MD), Senator Willaim V. Roth, Jr.(DE), Congressmen Weldon (PA), Steny Hoyer (MD), Sherwood Boehlert (NY) and Robert Andrews (NJ)

Caucus Leadership

Congressional Fire Services Caucus — List of Members

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