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Below are links to information from federal agencies on the coronavirus (COVID-19) that may be useful to the fire and emergency services:

President’s Budget Released

The budget and appropriations cycle for fiscal year (FY) 2021 kicked off in earnest yesterday when President Trump released his recommendations for government spending. Known as the President’s Budget Request (PBR), the documents contain the President’s suggested funding levels for various agencies and programs.

Recommendations for a few items of interest to the fire service are as follows:

  • AFG/SAFER: The PBR recommended $344.3 million for both AFG and SAFER, a decrease from the FY2020 level of $355 million. 
  • Urban Search and Rescue: The PBR recommended 37.832 million, the same as the FY2020 level.
  • U.S. Fire Administration: The PBR recommended $49.7 million, an increase from the FY2020 level of $46.8 million.

What Does the President’s Budget Mean?

While the PBR contains the Executive Branch’s recommendations for funding levels, Congress does not often follow these suggestions. The House and Senate may take into account a few specific recommendations for certain programs or agencies, but Congress typically follows its own priorities when writing the current year’s appropriations bills. 

What’s Next?

The House and Senate Appropriations Committees will hold hearings where agency and program representatives testify on the performance of various initiatives. Members of Congress can also use these hearings to question agency officials on programs of interest to their states and districts. Information gleaned from these hearings may be taken into account when the committees consider the funding levels for various programs and agencies in the actual appropriations bills. These hearings have already started in the House.

Ultimately, Congress needs to approve 12 appropriation measures before the current fiscal year comes to a close in September. Throughout the appropriations process, CFSI will provide updates on FY2021 funding for programs that benefit our nation’s fire service.

CFSI AND IFSTA to Recognize Ed Comeau With Public Safety Educator Award 2020 Recipient of the CFSI/IFSTA Dr. Anne W. Phillips Award for Leadership in Fire Safety Education

The Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) and the International Fire Service Training Association at Fire Protection Publications, Oklahoma State University (IFSTA/FPP/OSU) are pleased to announce that Mr. Ed Comeau is the recipient of the 2020 Dr. Anne W. Phillips Award for Leadership in Fire Safety Education.  

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Three Fire Departments Selected as Recipients of the Senator Paul S. Sarbanes Fire Service Safety Leadership Award

The Congressional Fire Services Institute and National Fallen Firefighters Foundation have selected Sioux Falls (SD) Fire Rescue, the Clayton (DE) Fire Company, and the Prince George’s County (MD) Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department as the recipients of the 2020 Senator Paul S. Sarbanes Fire Service Safety Leadership Award.

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Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell Named Recipient of the 2020 Mason Lankford Fire Service Leadership Award

The CFSI Board of Directors selected Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell as the recipient of the 2020 CFSI/Motorola Solutions Mason Lankford Fire Service Leadership Award. Established in 1998, the award recognizes fire service leaders for their work in advancing the readiness and response capabilities of our nation’s fire and emergency services.

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Shane Ray Appointed to CFSI Board of Directors

Dr. William F. Jenaway, President of the Congressional Fire Services Institute, announced that Chief Shane Ray, has been appointed to the CFSI Board of Directors. Dr. Jenaway made the announcement at the CFSI National Advisory Committee meeting on December 10th in Washington, DC. Chief Ray’s appointment is to a newly created board position.

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