Advocacy Toolkit

Advocacy FAQs

Find My Senator

Click Here and sort the list by state to find your senators.

Once sorted, click the “Contact” button under your senator’s name to be taken to their website.

There are two senators for every state. You may contact both, regardless of party affiliation.

Find My Representative

Click Here to type in your zip code and find out who your Representative is.

While there are frequently more than one representative for every state, there is only one that represents your congressional district.

How to Write a Letter

Developing a relationship with your elected representatives is critical to ensuring that they are aware of issues the fire and emergency services are facing.

Click here to download a draft letter asking your members of Congress to join the Fire Caucus.

Click here to learn how to write to your members of Congress about other issues and request a meeting.

Is My Member on the Congressional Fire Services Caucus?

Click here to see if your members of Congress are part of the caucus. If they are not, ask them to join!

Advocacy Materials for CFSI’s Legislative Priorities

Please feel free to use any of the materials below.

Advocacy Materials for CFSI’s FY2024 Appropriations Priorities

Please feel free to download any of the materials below.

DHS Appropriations Bill

FSGG Appropriations Bill

Interior Appropriations Bill

Labor-H Appropriations Bill

THUD Appropriations Bill