Mason Lankford Fire Service Leadership Award

2019 Recipient

Chief Sanders has been a member of the fire and emergency services since 1967. For over 27 years, he served as a member of the Louisville (KY) Fire Department, including nine years as chief of the department. Among his achievements as chief, Sanders worked with city officials and the public to pass legislation mandating that all unsprinklered high-rise buildings in the city be retrofitted with automatic sprinkler protection. The measure was approved proactively and not in response to a major fire, adding to the significance of this legislative accomplishment.

Throughout his distinguished career, Sanders has held leadership positions in numerous national and international organizations and committees, including Executive Secretary of the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association and the Director of Central Field Operations for the National Fire Protection Association. On the international level, he serves as the President of the United States Delegation to the Comite Technique Internationale de Prevention and d ’Extinction de Feu. He also is the NFPA representative to the European Fire Service, the National Fire Chiefs Council of the United Kingdom, the Institution of Fire Engineers, the Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council and the Global Fire Service Leadership Alliance.

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