The Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) Silent Auction will return to Firehouse Expo, an event that has generated tremendous support over the years for our organization. With this support, we have been able perform our mission of advocating the need for continued federal support of our nation’s fire and emergency services. We are introducing a new format to this year’s auction that will surely create excitement for attendees and vendors alike.

Unlike most silent auctions where the items are displayed together in one confined area, the CFSI auction will display the items and bid sheets at the booths of our sponsoring vendors. This way, you spend more time on the trade show floor seeing the innovative equipment, apparatus and technologies that will be on display. The auction will run from the start of the trade show on October 19th to the conclusion on October 21st.

Proceeds from this event will benefit our mission to educate members of Congress and the Administration about the challenges and needs of our nation’s firefighters and emergency services personnel. Right now, we are engaged in a major effort to reauthorize the Assistance to Firefighters and Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response grant programs. These programs have awarded over $11 billion in grants to local fire departments to purchase new equipment and training, and hire and recruit firefighters. Because of the nature of our work we do not receive federal support, including AFG funding. That is why your support is needed.

For additional details about the CFSI Silent Auction and our mission, please contact Steven Tramel, CFSI Development Manager at [email protected] or (202) 371-1277.



Booth 931


Booth 560

Responder Safety

Booth 1542


Booth 1200


Booth 359


Booth 329


Booth 1119


Booth 630


Booth 1004


Booth 824

Firefighter Letter Art

Booth 1555


Booth 745


Booth 458

CET Fire Pumps

Booth 1338


Booth 1219

Akron Brass

Booth 624

Cutters Edge

Booth 650