CFSI Recognizes National EMS Week

The Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) takes this opportunity during National EMS Week to honor the men and women serving in fire and emergency services departments across the nation who deliver pre-hospital 9-1-1 emergency medical care.
The fire service has a rich history of protecting the health and safety of our communities through an “all hazards” response model that includes the delivery of pre-hospital emergency medical care. Fire service-based EMS providers are located, trained, and equipped to provide virtually every community with timely pre-hospital 9-1-1 emergency medical response and patient care. Firefighter/EMTs and paramedics respond quickly, professionally, and compassionately in communities across the United States…and they do it every day, 24/7.
These are extraordinary times with the COVID-19 pandemic posing potential health risks to all Americans. Yet despite these risks, fire service-based EMS personnel continue responding to emergency medical calls, exposing themselves to the virus in the process. They do not waiver because they accept the risks as part of their job.
National EMS Week is a time to pause and say “thank you” to the entire EMS Community, including firefighter/EMTs and paramedics…our nation’s ‘all hazards” response professionals. They are our nation’s first responders always prepared to serve others in times of emergencies. CFSI thanks each one of you for your dedicated service, and remains committed to advocating for federal programs that address your needs and challenges.