2020 Seminar Program – Recognizing Our Nation’s All-Hazards Firefighters

The National Fire and Emergency Services Symposium is something you can only experience in our nation’s capital. No other event in the fire service features federal policy makers and national fire service leaders for a program that covers a broad array of important federal issues being considered by Congress or implemented by federal agencies. Nor does any other event boast such an extensive assembly of distinguished and knowledgeable experts on national fire service issues.

Our seminar presenters include association leaders and policy makers who are experts in such areas as first responder communications, emergency medical services, building codes, leadership, public safety education, and health and wellness.

Federal presenters participate and listen to how our government can be more responsive to the concerns and needs of the fire and emergency services.

The CFSI seminar program delivers a unique two-day educational experience to learn about the inner workings of the legislative process and policy implementation, increase your understanding of federal programs that benefit the fire service, and communicate directly with federal agency officials.

Attending the seminars program and interacting with federal policy makers serves to enhance greater awareness about our needs and challenges. It is important for all fire and emergency services officials to participate in this event, and for city and town officials to encourage them to attend.

There is not another opportunity during the year for this distinct opportunity to meet federal agency officials, national association professionals, fire officials, and industry leaders of so many diverse organizations who advocate for the fire service on Capitol Hill.

32nd Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Symposium and Dinner
“Recognizing Our Nation’s All-Hazards Firefighters”
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