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Join the Associates Club

The Associates Club is a program designed primarily for individuals seeking to support CFSI's mission to educate members of Congress about the challenges facing our nation's one million first responders.

If you recognize the importance of fire service organizations working together in Washington to address the needs of firefighters and rescue personnel…

If you support the Assistance to Firefighters Grant
Program (FIRE Act) and believe that Congress should continue to fund the program…

If you believe it is important that members of Congress should have access to objective information on homeland security issues in a timely fashion …

If you believe that members of Congress and their staff can gain a better understanding of the fire service by participating in firefighter training and Ride Along programs, and attending legislative briefings featuring fire service leaders…

Then you should become a member of the Associates Club. 

How to Join

The answer is quite simple and affordable.  Featuring six levels of support, the program allows contributors to match the size of their contribution with a range of commemorative gifts and important information to help them stay alert of federal legislation.  All donations are tax deductible as allowable by federal law.   At the end of each year, CFSI will send you a notice for renewal, which will include a year-end report highlighting our work on Capitol Hill. 

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Levels of Support

Congressional -- $25

  • CFSI Lapel Pin
  • Set of three CFSI Commemorative Challenge Coins

Senate -- $50

  • Congressional level gift items
  • Protecting Our Nation t-shirt

Cabinet -- $100

  • Congressional level gift items
  • CFSI Polo Shirt

Speaker -- $250

  • Congressional level gift items
  • CFSI Polo Shirt
  • CFSI Tumbler

Vice-Presidential -- $500

  • Congressional level gift items
  • CFSI Polo Shirt
  • Ticket to the annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner and Seminars Program

Presidential -- $1000

  • Congressional level gift items
  • Ticket to the annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner and Seminars Program
  • Invitation to the CFSI Board of Directors Reception held prior to the Dinner

So here's your opportunity to help the one organization in Washington, DC that builds partnerships in our nation's capital to advance the fire service agenda: the Congressional Fire Services Institute. Register now so you can begin to enjoy the benefits the CFSI Associates Club Program offers. By doing so, you will help make a difference on Capitol Hill for our nation's firefighters and rescue personnel.

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If you prefer to send a check, make check payable to Congressional Fire Services Institute and send to:

CFSI - Associates Club
1530 Wilson Blvd., Suite 520
Arlington, VA 22209