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(February 11, 2013) - CFSI has announced a time change for the start of the 25th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner.  The dinner will begin at 6:30 PM. The date has not changed - it is still on May 9th.  Please visit our website ( for additional information about the dinner and seminars program.  We still have sponsorship opportunities available for companies and organizations seeking to elevate their presence at the event.  Please make your reservations soon to ensure yourself a room at the Hilton.

The two-day program begins on May 8th and should be a learning experience - not only for you but for your members of Congress.  Whether you attend as a group or as individuals, we encourage all of you to meet with your Representatives and Senators.  The CFSI staff can provide a list of legislation we are addressing on Capitol Hill.  These are challenging times and the support we receive from Capitol Hill will be determined to a large extent by your voices.  So when you attend our event, please make sure you schedule meetings with your elected officials so they can hear from you the importance of federal support for our programs.