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2016 National Fire and Emergency Services Symposium / 28th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner

“Making a Difference at the National Level”
Washington, DC

May 4-5, 2016

About the Event

Since 1989, fire service leaders from across the nation have traveled to Washington, DC to attend CFSI's National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner and Seminars Program. Each year, approximately 2,000 fire and emergency officials participate in the program, attending seminars, conducting meetings with the members of Congress and networking to build relationships. At the conclusion of the event, they assemble together in the Washington Hilton ballroom to hear the highest ranking political leaders in the nation pay tribute to the dedication and commitment of our nation's firefighters and emergency services personnel.

On May 4-5, 2016, CFSI will once again host the annual gathering of fire service leaders in Washington, DC. The theme of the program is "Making a Difference at the National Level." We can capture the attention of every member of Congress and deliver a strong message about our concerns if we have a large turnout. If you are concerned about continued federal support for fire service programs - especially while sequestration is imposing significant cuts on so many federal programs - you should attend this program.

Veteran attendees will notice a slight change we have made to the title of the program - from a dinner and seminars event to a symposium/dinner program. The change reflects the emphasis CFSI places on the educational aspect. You will not find another fire service event that explains how the federal government is addressing the challenges and concerns of our firefighters, emergency services personnel and the fire service industry. Opportunities abound to interact with members of Congress and federal agency officials to discuss both national issues and local concerns. The knowledge you will acquire will increase your understanding of federal programs and legislation, while emboldening you to take a stronger interest in advocating for fire and emergency services on Capitol Hill.

The seminars program is something you can only experience in our nation's capital. Featuring members of Congress, federal agency officials and national fire service leaders, the program covers a broad array of federal issues - issues being considered by Congress or implemented by federal agencies. Your registration fee will allow you full access to the seminars program and the awards dinner.

Culminating the two-day event, the 28th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner will feature leaders of the Congressional Fire Services Caucus and the Administration who will pay their personal tributes to the men and women of the fire and emergency services. CFSI will extend invitations to the President and Vice President to deliver the keynote address - three presidents and four vice presidents, including Vice President Biden, have addressed previous dinners. And the program will include four award presentations for individual and organizational leadership in advancing the readiness and response capabilities of our nation's fire and emergency services (visit our website for details).

So register now, so you can help fire and emergency services "Make a Difference at the National Level" by sending important messages to Congress, messages that need to be heard by our lawmakers.

Three Important Reasons Why CFSI Offers This Program

  1. Educate attendees on critical current and future national issues, legislation, and policies that significantly impact the entire fire and emergency services community.
  2. Engage attendees to influence members of Congress and their professional staffs, as well as leaders of federal agencies and other key Administration representatives.
  3. Network and build relationships with a diverse assembly of leaders from throughout national fire and emergency services organizations.