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Congressional Fire Services Institute Presents

The National Fire and Emergency Services Symposium / 28th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner

"Making a Difference at the National Level"

May 4-5, 2016
Washington, DC

Vice President Joe Biden concluding the keynote address at the 2015 National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner

About the Event

Since 1989, fire service leaders from across the nation have traveled to Washington, DC to attend CFSI's annual National Fire and Emergency Services Symposium and Dinner program. Each year, approximately 2,000 fire and emergency services officials participate in the program, attending seminars and meetings involving federal agency officials and members of Congress. They schedule meetings with their peers to exchange information about emerging issues for both fire service personnel and the industry. And at the conclusion of the two-day program, they assemble together in the Washington Hilton Ballroom to hear congressional leaders and administration officials pay tribute to our nation's one million firefighters and emergency services personnel.

So why should you attend this event? The answer is simple: to help make a difference for the fire service both at the national and local levels. This program illustrates the political force of the fire and emergency services in addressing concerns jointly shared by all elements of the fire service and fire service industry. A visible presence of 2,000 fire service officials on Capitol Hill dressed in uniform does not go unnoticed.

Congressman Steny Hoyer addressing the dinner audience Chief Jeff Johnson and NAC Vice Chairman Doug Aiken conducting a seminar on the development of a nationwide public safety broadband network

Another distinguishing element of the event is the seminars program. Most fire service officials have attended one of the many major trade shows or conferences during their professional careers. They feature workshops and seminars that address a myriad issues covering some aspect of public safety and conducted by prominent speakers from the public safety field. What distinguishes our seminars are the topics we explore and the speakers delivering the messages. Our seminars cover important issues being addressed at the national level by federal officials and national fire service association leaders. By attending these seminars and engaging in discussions with the speakers, our participants have are given a unique opportunity to help influence decisions on federal legislation and programs impacting our nation's fire and emergency services.

Caribou (ME) Fire and Ambulance Department receiving the CFSI/Masimo Excellence in Fire Service-Based EMS Award

It is not too early to think about attending the 2016 National Fire and Emergency Services Symposium/28th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner. As you prepare your budget for the upcoming fiscal year, make the commitment now to join us on May 4-5, 2016 for the most important event in the fire and emergency services. By attending, you can help influence the legislative process and important decisions federal programs.

Please contact CFSI at 202-371-1277 if you have any questions. We are already in the process of developing our seminar schedule and updating information on room reservations at the Hilton. We will post this information once it is all current.

Three Important Reasons Why CFSI Offers This Program

  1. Educate attendees on critical current and future national issues, legislation, and policies that significantly impact the entire fire and emergency services community.

  2. Engage attendees to influence members of Congress and their professional staffs, as well as leaders of federal agencies and other key Administration representatives.

  3. Network and build relationships with a diverse assembly of leaders from throughout national fire and emergency services organizations.