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Named in honor of Dr. Anne Wight Phillips for her profound and enduring contributions to fire safety education, the Dr. Anne W. Phillips Award for Leadership in Fire Safety Education recognizes individuals for outstanding achievements at the national level in fire safety education.

Image of Dr. Anne Wight PhillipsDr. Phillips was a member of the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control, a 20-member body appointed by President Richard Nixon to study our nation's fire problem and make recommendations for reducing the fire losses across the country. The culmination of the Commission's work was the seminal report, America Burning, the most comprehensive study ever undertaken on our nation's fire problem that justified the need for a greater federal role in fire prevention and life safety. As a member of the Commission, Dr. Phillips authored the Minority Report that pushed the Commission to recognize the important role of prevention in reducing fire injury and death.

Throughout her life, Dr. Phillips demonstrated an unwavering dedication to fire prevention and preparedness as the basis to strengthening fire safety education across the country. The award is named in her honor to keep the work and spirit of Dr. Phillips alive well beyond her lifetime by celebrating those who follow her example to move the field of fire prevention and safety forward.

Submission Guidelines
  • The candidate must be nominated by someone other than her/himself.
  • The nomination must include:
    • Significant fire safety education contributions
    • Substantiation of national level impact
    • Unique outcomes/accomplishments of candidate's work
    • Documentation of leadership and collaboration
    • How the candidate's work has advanced the work of other fire and life safety educators
  • Nomination Deadline -- TBD


Selection Committee

The selection committee will be composed of representatives from the Congressional Fire Services Institute and the International Fire Service Training Association, Fire Protection Publications, Oklahoma State University (IFSTA/FPP/OSU).

Award Presentation

  • The recipient of the Dr. Anne W. Phillips Award for Leadership in Fire Safety Education will be honored at the annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner held each spring in Washington, DC.
  • The winner will receive a trip to attend the dinner. This includes airfare for the recipient, hotel accommodations for two nights and seating at the event.

History of the Award

In 2007, the Home Safety Council, in association with the Congressional Fire Services Institute, created the Dr. Anne W. Phillips Award for Leadership in Fire Safety Education. At the time, there did not exist a nationally-recognized award honoring individual leadership in fire safety education. In 2012, the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) assumed co-sponsorship with CFSI.

The annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner, hosted by the Congressional Fire Services Institute, is the most important event in the fire service, bringing together over 2,000 fire and emergency services leaders across the country, members of Congress and administration officials to pay tribute to the dedication and commitment of our nation’s fire and emergency services. Previous recipients of the Dr. Anne W. Phillips Award for Leadership in Fire Safety Education include:

2007 Jim Dalton
2008 Nancy Trench
2009 Pat Mieszala
2010 Sharon Gamache
2011 Peg Carson
2012 Meri-K Appy
2013 Jim Crawford
2014 Mary Marchone
2015 Catherine B. Lohr and Pamela W. Phillips

About Congressional Fire Services Institute

Established in 1989, the Congressional Fire Services Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan policy institute that works with members of Congress to advocate for fire and life safety issues. CFSI is a consensus-building organization. With its 38-member National Advisory Committee, the Institute focuses on issues that unite the fire and emergency services around a common agenda, giving the fire service a stronger voice on Capitol Hill. CFSI works closely with the leaders of the Congressional Fire Services Caucus, one of the largest and most highly respected caucuses in Congress with approximately 300 members. Constantly striving for bipartisan support, the Institute and Caucus leaders continue to push for federal legislation that benefits the fire and emergency services.

About International Fire Service Training Association

IFSTA is the leading publisher of fire service training materials in North America since 1934. As part of Oklahoma State University, Fire Protection Publications (FPP) is a not for profit publisher dedicated to providing IFSTA validated, high quality, and accurate fire service training materials. Up-to-date training resources to meet the current and future needs of the fire service are our only business. IFSTA training content is validated by firefighters for firefighters making firefighter safety the number one priority. Oklahoma State University, FPP and IFSTA have historically provided leadership in fire and life safety education as a core, mission driven, function in the fire and emergency services across America. OSU/IFSTA/FPP's sponsorship of the Anne W. Phillips Award is a way to support the value of fire and life safety education and community risk reduction in reducing the impact of fire deaths, injury and loss in America including firefighter line of duty deaths.

A Tribute to Dr. Anne Wight Phillips