Mason Lankford Fire Service Leadership Award

Previous Recipients

2016 Winner -
Chief Carl Holmes (Ret), The Carl Holmes Executive Development Institute

2015 Winner -
Dr. Denis Onieal, Superintendent, National Fire Academy

2014 Winner -
James M. Shannon, President, National Fire Protection Association

2013 Winner -
Chief Ron Siarnicki, Executive Director, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

2012 Winner -
Marcine D. Goodloe, Montgomery County (MD) Volunteer Fire-Rescue Association

2011 Winner - Ronny Coleman, National Fire Heritage Center

2010 - Kevin O'Connor, International Association of Fire Fighters

2009 - Steve Edwards, Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute

2008 - Hal Bruno, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

2007 - Garry Briese (ret.), International Association of Fire Chiefs

2006 - Meri-K Appy, Home Safety Council

2005 - Chief Alan Caldwell, International Association of Fire Chiefs

2004 - Chief R. David Paulison, Federal Emergency Management Agency

2003 - Chief Dennis Compton, International Fire Service Training Association

2002 - Chief Raymond M. Downey, FDNY (Posthumously)

2001 - Chief John Eversole, Chicago Fire Department

2000 - Paul Boecker, Lisle Woodridge (IL) Fire District

1999 - E. James Monihan, National Volunteer Fire Council

Fire Service Person of the Year
1998 - John Mason Lankford (Posthumously)

1997 - Anthony O'Neill, National Fire Protection Association

1996 - Steve Austin, Delaware Volunteer Firefighters Association

1993 - Hal Bruno, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

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Call for Nominations

Jointly sponsored by the Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) and Motorola Solutions since 1998, the award recognizes exemplary leaders in public safety for their work to improve the delivery of the fire and emergency services in the areas of prevention, mitigation and response.

Mason LankfordThe award is named in honor of the late-Mason Lankford, a distinguished fire service leader from the state of Texas. Mason dedicated his time, energy and passion to the fire and emergency services within his home state and throughout the country. His primary mission was to make the profession safer for all who served. In 1987, when newly elected Congressman Curt Weldon first proposed the idea of establishing the Congressional Fire Services Caucus, Mason stepped forward to offer his support. He was credited with convincing House Speaker Jim Wright to embrace the idea of a Fire Caucus, which lead to its successful launch. Since then, the Caucus has remained the most active and influential caucus in Congress.

Purpose of the award:

The Mason Lankford Fire Service Leadership Award embraces the importance of advocacy and leadership on behalf of all firefighters and emergency services personnel. These key attributes epitmoize Mason's legacy as a fire service leader. He cared for all first responders and dedicated his career to building a stronger fire service without leaving anyone behind. The Mason Lankford Fire Service Leadership Award recognizes individuals - like Mason Lankford - who embrace the same goals, dediciation and commitment to make the fire service a safer profession for all.

Eligibility and Requirements

Award Goals | Award Eligibility | Selection Committee | Award Presentation | Nominate

Award Goals

Each year, individuals from the fire and emergency services community can be nominated for the CFSI/Motorola Solutions Mason Lankford Fire Service Leadership Award. Candidates must have made an exemplary impact at the national level through one of the following:

  • Leadership in promoting and supporting fire/emergency service and life safety issues.
  • Advancing the readiness of the Fire/EMS services at any level of government (local, county, state, federal).
  • Strengthening fire safety through the development of fire prevention programs.
  • Acting as a catalyst to improve the fire service.

Award Eligibility

  • A candidate can be employed by a state or local government agency, private organization, be self-employed, or serve in a voluntary capacity.
  • Current federal government employees are not eligible; retired federal government employees are eligible. Those who directly as an individual or through their employer contract with the federal government are eligible (for example training, consulting, services, etc.).
  • The actions or achievements for which the candidate is being considered must have a positive, significant impact at the national level in advancing the readiness of the fire and EMS services at any level of government (local, county, state, or federal). Candidates who have made an impact at the local and/or state level will only be considered as to the extent that their effort has impacted the fire service at a national level (for example: research and/or programs at the local/state level that have been widely accepted and adopted as "best practice" across the nation).
  • A candidate must have a fire service or EMS background or have served a significant role in the fire and life safety community.


Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is composed of the CFSI Board of Directors and the Chairman of the CFSI National Advisory Committee. The award selection will be the sole decision of the committee.

Award Presentation

The recipient of the CFSI/Motorola Solutions Mason Lankford Fire Service Leadership Award will be honored at the 29th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner held on April 6, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

The winner will receive a trip to Washington, D.C. to attend the dinner. This includes airfare and hotel accommodations.