Established in 1989, the Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan policy institute that works with members of Congress in promoting fire and life safety issues. Working with other national fire service organizations, the Institute focuses its attention on issues that benefit all first responders. Members of the Congressional Fire Services Caucus, the largest caucus in Congress, look to CFSI for guidance and information to enhance their level of understanding about the challenges and needs of our nation’s fire and EMS



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  • To recognize best practices in EMS by fire departments in the United States.
  • To highlight EMS best practices that will encourage other fire departments to consider similar practices for improving their Fire Service-Based EMS systems.


  • Must be a volunteer, combination or career fire department that provides emergency medical services. Such services are initiated at the scene by highly trained and skilled fire service-based EMTs and paramedics who may or may not transport patients to the hospital. (Note: This award is intended to recognize the efforts of fire departments/fire service-based EMS organizations. Individual fire service personnel are not eligible).
  • The department must have implemented a unique practice that enhances the delivery of EMS in the community.
  • The practice should positively affect firefighter and paramedic safety, the efficiency of resource deployment, and/or improved the delivery of Emergency Medical Services to residents of the community served.

Application Process

  • Eligible applicants must submit at most a 1,500-word essay describing the unique practice(s) they have developed to enhance EMS services within their departments. The essay must identify the following.

    • Goal of the Unique Practice. The applicant must clearly state the problem or issue that prompted the department to develop the practice. Additionally, the applicant must state whether the problem or issue is unique to their department or endemic to other fire departments. If the issue is endemic, the applicant should explain to what level (local, state, regional, or national).

    • Partnerships and Cooperation. The applicant must describe whether the unique practice was developed within the department or through a cooperative effort with other agencies or jurisdictions (hospitals, government officials, private sector, law enforcement, research centers, learning institutions or other fire departments).

    • Implementation: The applicant must describe the process for implementing the unique practice. Additionally, the applicant must describe plans for review, enhancement and continued improvement of the practice.

    • Measurable Outcomes: The applicant should report measurable outcomes directly related to the unique practice that demonstrate how the practice positively affected firefighter and paramedic safety, the efficiency of resource deployment, and/or improved the delivery of Emergency Medical Services to residents of the community served (e.g. lives saved). Using quantifiable data where possible, the outcomes should clearly state whether the practice met the intended goals and whether EMS delivery in the fire department was enhanced.


  • Recipients of the 2015 CFSI/Masimo Excellence in Fire Service-Based EMS Award will be honored at the 27th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner held in Washington, DC on April 16, 2015. CFSI will pay reasonable expenses for one individual per organization to attend the dinner. These expenses include transportation, overnight accommodations for one night and seating at the Dinner. All other costs will be the responsibility of the individuals.
  • The presentation will take place during the dinner program.
Award Submission

CFSI-Fire Service-Based EMS Award
900 Second Street NE - Suite 303
Washington, D.C. 20002
p: 202.371.1277
f: 202.682.3473

The application deadline is March 16, 2015. Recipients of the 5th Annual Excellence Awards will be notified shortly thereafter.