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National Advisory Committee

The strength of CFSI lies in its National Advisory Committee (NAC), comprising 39 trade groups, issue organizations, and professional associations including the leading fire service organizations in the country. The NAC convenes semiannually in Washington, DC to discuss federal issues that impact the interest of all first responders. When agreement is formed, the NAC can pass resolutions calling for Congress to address particular issues. Funding for the United States Fire Administration and the AFG/SAFER grant programs, reallocation of spectrum for first responders, and greater involvement of first responders in disaster mitigation are examples of the types of issues the NAC has supported at recent meetings. Only NAC members can introduce resolutions for consideration by the committee. The Chairman of the NAC is Doug Aiken of the International Municipal Signal Association. The Vice Chairman is Greg Cade of the National Fire Protection Association. Open to the public, the meetings are scheduled in the spring (the day after the National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner) and the fall of each year.

National Advisory Committee Resolutions

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Spring 2016

Resolution In Support of the Protecting Patient Access to Emergency Medications Act

Fall 2015

Resolution In Support of Federal Legislation, Funding and Policies to Address Firefighter Occupational Cancer (PDF)

A Resolution Offering Support for the Maintenance of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (PDF)

Spring 2015

Resolution in Support of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Reauthorization Act. (PDF)

Fall 2014 - No Resolutions

Spring 2014 - No Resolutions

Fall 2013

Resolution in Support of Federal Agency and Congressional Initiatives to Ensure the Deployment of Effective Indoor Location Technology that will meet the Needs of Public Safety (PDF)

Resolution Expressing Support for Appropriate Review and Approval of Consensus Standard Requirement Waivers for Assistance to Firefighter Grant Awards (PDF)

Resolution in Support of Activities to Amend the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's Application to Volunteer Firefighters and the High-Risk Occupation Exemption (PDF)

Spring 2013

Resolution Offering Support of Adding Industry and Occupation Codes to the Uniform Bill (PDF)

Resolution in Support of Federal Agency and Congressional Initiatives to Raise Awareness and Address Public Safety Issues Due to Liquid Progane Gas (PDF)

Resolution in Support of the Honoring Hometown Heroes Act (PDF)

Resolution in Support of the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council T-Band Report (PDF)

Spring 2012

A Resolution in Support of USFA's Public Education Campaign - Fire is Everyone's Fight (PDF)

Resolution in Support of Programs to Raise Awareness of Proper Bonding for Yellow Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing to the National Fire Protection Association Code (PDF)

Resolution in Support of the Fire Police Fairness Act (PDF)

Resolution to Support Addressing the National Drug Shortage Crisis (PDF)

Fall 2012

Resolution Offering Support of Vulnerability Assessment Program (VAP) (PDF)

Spring 2011

A Resolution in Support of Designating May as Building Safety Month (PDF)

A Resolution to Address a New Epidemic - Smoke Inhalation (PDF)

Resolution to Support Initiatives Requiring Residential Carbon Monoxide Detection Devices to Meet the Applicable ANSI-UL Standard (PDF)

Fall 2011

A Resolution in Support of the Safe Building Codes Act of 2011 (PDF)

Spring 2010 - No Resolutions

Fall 2010

Extending Waivers of Certain Requirements under the SAFER Grant Program through Fiscal Year 2011 (PDF)

Spring 2009

Resolution Opposing Diverting 3% of All Fire, Emergency Services Purchases to IRS (PDF)

Fall 2009

A Resolution Regarding Public Safety Broadband Communications (PDF)

A Resolution Regarding Teen Driving Safety Laws (PDF)

A Resolution Supporting a Arsonist Registration and Notification Program (PDF)

Spring 2008

A Resolution Expressing Support for the National Unified Goal for Traffic Incident Management (PDF)

Fall 2008 - No Resolutions

Spring 2007

A Resolution Expressing Recognition and Support for Initiatives to Strengthen Coordination Among Stakeholders in Addressing the Wildland Urban Interface Fires (PDF)

A Resolution Supporting Standard Markings for Vehicles Using Alternatives Fuels (PDF)

A Resolution to Address Problems with Public Safety Emergency Communications (PDF)

Resolution to Support an Extension of the Cellular Analog AMPS Sunset Date (PDF)

Fall 2007

A Resolution in Support of Legislation to Strengthen the Enforcement of Fire and Building Codes (PDF)

A Resolution Supporting a Change to the International Residential Code to Require Fire Sprinklers in One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Townhouses (PDF)

A Resolution to Address the Disproportinate American Civilian Death Rate From Fire (PDF)

Federal Fire Fighter Presumptive Disability (PDF)

Resolution Supporting the Volunteer Emergency Services Recruitment and Retention Act (PDF)

Spring 2006

Expressing Support for Legislation to Advance Campus Fire Safety Initiatives Spring 2006 (PDF)

Fall 2006

A Resolution Expressing Full Support for Firegrantdata.com (PDF)

A Resolution Requesting CFSI to Educate Congress and Federal Agencies about the Role and Importance of Fire Service-Based EMS to the Safety of U.S. Citizens (PDF)

Resolution to Support Volunteer Tax Incentive Legislation (PDF)

Spring 2005

Resolution Expressing the Need for Full Funding of the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) (PDF)

Resolution Expressing the Need for Full Support of the Fire Corps Program (PDF)

Resolution Regarding the February 24, 2005 Summit Concerning the U.S. Fire Administration (PDF)

Fall 2005 - No Resolutions

Spring 2004

Resolution Expressing Support for Banning Rouge Traffic Preemption Devices (PDF)

Resolution Expressing Support for Legislation to Improve the Nation's 9-1-1 System (PDF)

Resolution Expressing Support for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Line of Duty Death Initiatives (PDF)

Fall 2004

Resolution Offering Continued Support for the Assistance to Firefighters Grants Program Fall 2004 (PDF)

Spring 2003

Proposed Resolution to CFSI NAC - Improved Standards, Technology, and Practices for Buildings and First Responders (PDF)

Fall 2003

Expressing the Need for National Mandatory Fire Safety Standards for Products Sold for the Use in the Home (PDF)

Resolution Expressing Support for Increased Funding for Advanced Fire Research (PDF)

Spring 2002

Expressing the Need for Additional Fire Protection at Our Nation's Military Installations (PDF)

Fall 2002

Expressing the Need for Federal Tax Relief to Encourage the Installation of Fire Sprinkler in Residential and Commerical Buildings (PDF)

Expressing the Need for the Public Safety Officers Benefits Program to Provide Financial Assitance to Victims of Heart Attacks and Strokes (PDF)

Resolution Expressing Support for the Firefighter Research and Coordination Act (PDF)