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For Congressional Staff

Congressional Ride-Along Program

Semi-annually, the CFSI offers members of Congress and their staff the opportunity to accompany firefighters from local area fire departments as they answer the call to protect our communities.

The program gives participants the opportunity to interact with local emergency responders and experience firsthand the daily operations of a fire department. When the alarm sounds participants will ride alongside firefighters and EMS personnel to the scene of emergencies and observe the fire department's in action.


Congressional Firefighter Training Program

Every fall, CFSI offers members of Congress and their staff the opportunity to experience firefighting firsthand. This is a unique educational experience to learn what firefighters encounter in their training and work.

The program is hosted by the Congressional Fire Services Institute and sponsored by the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute. Dressed in full turn-out gear, participants will learn search and rescue techniques, perform a vehicle extrication using hydraulic rescue tools, experience a live burn and work with thermal imaging cameras.


How to Sign Up

If you would like to participate in any of these programs please contact CFSI at Check out the calendar under "Programs and Events" for updates. In the body of the message please list the office you work for and your direct telephone number.